Create template

Template types

10plate accepts 3 types of template.


SVG template. You can upload SVG file to create template. It is useful if you want to convert print data to template. If you want to write SVG code directly, create HTML template and write SVG code.


Template composed by HTML+CSS. It is good for varios type of template.


Text only template. It is useful for creating mail template, etc.

Template basic

Template syntax is simple: Write double curly bracesed field ({{ label }}) where you want to be editable.

If you write {{ myname }} in your template, {{ myname }} area become editable and input for myname is automatically created.


* Currently, attributes in HTML/SVG tags can't be editable with {{}} except class attribute. And some element/attribute removed automatically for security reason.

Template fields

What you write inside double curly braces ({{ }}) affects how field works.



Template FAQ

Wanna use line break at input/output
In template, use ::multiline like {{ description::multiline }}, then input become multiline and line breaks inserted in output.